Pack Your Bags! MS Travel Tips

  •   June 21, 2016

We’re all about giving you a lift, and sometimes a bit of new scenery can do just that. Whether you’re ready to embark on a fun day trip with friends or go on an extended business trip, travel can go more smoothly when you’re prepared. Check out these tips for traveling with MS, and you’ll be ready to make the most of your trip.

  1. Utilize lists. Not only do they help corral all the details you need to remember, but they also give you a sense of accomplishment as you check them off. Make packing lists, to-do lists and “while I’m gone” lists for others to help you. Download and print this handy packing list.
  2. Update your contact information. Make sure you have your doctor’s most recent address and phone number on hand, as well as your emergency contacts.
  3. Pack extra. Whether it’s MS-friendly clothes or medical supplies, pack more than you think you’ll need in case your trip is extended.
  4. Pack what you can lift. Be aware of how much your luggage weighs and how easily you can handle it. Bags with wheels can help. However, if it’s too heavy or cumbersome, don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  5. Make sure your medication is clearly labeled. Pack hard copies of your prescriptions should you need to fill or refer to them while away and, if flying, always keep medicines with you or in your carry-on.
  6. Give yourself plenty of time. If working with a travel agent, let them know that you may need extra time between flights. If planning your own travel, allow wiggle room during transfers and consider requesting passenger support via TSA Cares.
  7. Get the lay of the land. If staying in a hotel, verify ahead of time if you can get a room on the ground floor or near an elevator. Also, figure out transportation to the hotel or where to park once you arrive.
  8. Visit Whenever traveling internationally, check out the Travelers’ Health section of for information on required immunizations and prescription policies.
  9. Research travel insurance. If traveling abroad, contact your health insurance provider to see if you’re covered at your destination. You can also look into additional MS travel insurance and travel health insurance.
  10. Pre-purchase and print. If any activities require tickets, such as parks or museum admission, purchase these online and print them before you leave to save time and skip the line.

There is a lot to think about when traveling with MS, especially when traveling alone. Need more ideas? Download and print Tips for Traveling with Multiple Sclerosis and take it with you.

Please share your own experience or tips with others in the community below.

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7 Comment(s)
  • Gina | June 22, 2016
    Was hoping for tips on staying cool and recommended diet to keep energy/stamina up. These are issues that have limited my own personal travel.
    • Teva's Lift MS® Team | July 07, 2016
      We appreciate that you took the time to comment, Gina. We wanted to let you know that we have a few blog posts coming up that provide healthy eating tips, so please stay tuned! You can also check out our Facebook Page, where we will start posting a video series with healthy recipes, as well as other tips to live well with MS. Check out our Page at and give us a like if you want to follow along! As always, we recommend speaking with your health care provider before trying anything new.
  • Marypat | June 22, 2016
    I am a list person, so it was good to see how you used lists.
    • Teva's Lift MS® Team | June 23, 2016
      We are happy you are finding value in the blog, Marypat! Please continue to check back for more info.
  • Peggy | June 22, 2016
    I travel with the bag that Shared Solutions has and I keep it in my purse. I always take a frozen ice pack and haven't had any issues at security.....only if your frozen ice is melted and liquid on the way home. I always freeze it the night before..,.or throw it away if it's melted. I love that travel bag.
    • Teva's Lift MS® Team | July 13, 2016
      That’s a wonderful suggestion, Peggy! We appreciate your insights and that you shared your experiences with the community. We hope that you come back soon and share more, as we loved your comment and are sure that other fans will too!
  • Woody J | June 28, 2016
    It's nice to know that I am already implementing many of these tips so I know that I'm on target with what I am doing thanks for the info
  • Daisy M. | July 15, 2016
    Due to some of my limitaions, traveling still scares me...I need a shower, not a tub for bathing, which is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ME, clean freak all my life, and of all things a clean shower stall is still important, and lower beds. I would need a stool sometimes. Getting in and out of high vehicles like Pick-ups is difficult. On the other hand, I'm good with my rollater to ambulate.
    • Teva's Lift MS® Team | July 18, 2016
      We understand living with MS adds extra challenges to life, Daisy. We’re so glad you’re here and hope you find helpful support.
  • Claudester  | December 12, 2016
    I always get a handicapped room/king bed / roll in shower. I have fallen getting out of shower at home and out of bed. Keep your cell phone with you while in bathroom. Never know when you may have to call 911.
    • Teva's Lift MS® Team | December 13, 2016
      Great suggestions, Claudester!
  • EILEEN | July 27, 2018
    Make sure you carry with you a list of all medications you are currently taking. If needed it is great to have this list in your wallet (and your spouses wallet)
    • Teva's Lift MS® Team | July 30, 2018
      Thank you for sharing this tip, EILEEN!