Get Connected for World MS Day

  • by  Teva's Lift MS® Team
  •   May 04, 2020

Every year on May 30th, we honor World MS Day by bringing the community together to share stories, show support, and promote self-care and healthy living with MS. Take this time to chat with others and build friendships to help you reach your MS goals. Below is a list of people and groups you can connect with this year:

  • MS Communities. Meet others living with MS in your community by participating in events or join a local MS group and connect with people who share the same interests as you.
  • Social Media. Use your voice on social media to share your story by using the World MS Day campaign hashtag, #MSConnections. You never know who you might connect with. If you don’t know where to start, join us on the Lift MS® Facebook page.
  • Healthcare Providers. Be proactive by building a relationship with your primary physician and neurologist. To get the conversation started with your doctor, we’ve provided a list of questions about managing your MS symptoms and prescribed therapy.
  • Support Services. Creating a support system may be beneficial to life with MS. Partner with Teva’s Shared Solutions® by taking advantage of the nurse support, educational resources, and financial assistance that's offered. Start receiving personalized support by calling 1-800-887-8100 to chat with a Shared Solutions® nurse.
  • Care Partners. Take time to show a Care Partner how important they are to you. By working together, you may be able to better manage the challenges MS can bring.
  • Yourself. Above all, it’s important to connect with yourself. Reinforce the positive relationship with yourself by making self-care a priority. Focus on what makes you feel happiest by listening to your mind and body.

We want to know how you’re making connections for World MS Day. Leave us a comment below or share your plans with us on the Lift MS® Facebook page.

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