Make it Easier on Yourself with Lift MS® Tips & Tricks

  • by  Teva's Lift MS® Team
  •   August 15, 2016

At Lift MS®, we’re all about connecting you with resources to help give you a lift, whether it’s sharing inspiring stories from others like yourself, easy recipes to make the most of your meals, or practical tips to make your daily activities just a little easier. With that in mind, it’s time for another round in our Lift MS® Tips & Tricks series! You can also see some of these tips come to life by checking out our Facebook Page.

  1. Cruise the aisles, online. Order grocery staples online to cut down on errands and put your energy to better use. Some local stores also allow you to order online, with options to pick up or have your order delivered.
  2. Listen at your leisure. Did you know you can find free audio versions of your favorite books online or at the library? Listen on your computer, mobile device, or burn onto a CD. If vision problems keep you from reading as much as you’d like, this can be a great solution. 
  3. Give your eyes a break. To make webpage text bigger and easier to see, hit CTRL (on a PC) or Command (on a Mac) along with the plus (+) sign. Hitting it multiple times will continue to increase the size. Just hit CTRL with the minus (-) sign to return to normal viewing size.
  4. Loosen up. Run jar lids under hot water to loosen the seal. This can make them easier to twist off. 
  5. Keep the juice flowing. If you use power-dependent equipment such as oxygen, electric beds or lifts, let your local utility company know. In case of a power outage in your area, they may be able to make it a priority to restore power to your home. They may be able to give you advance notice before cutting your power for routine maintenance.   
  6. Rest easy. Strategically place a chair or bench in rooms where you might need to stop and catch your breath.
  7. Install grab bars in the shower or tub. Towel racks and soap dish holders aren’t meant for support. Grab bars provide extra stability in slippery places.

You all are the experts in life with MS. We’re sure you have some tips that might help others in the Lift MS® community. Please share some through a comment below. Just think - your tip could be highlighted in one of our future posts.

COPAXONE® (glatiramer acetate injection) is a prescription medicine that is used to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis (MS), to include clinically isolated syndrome, relapsing-remitting disease, and active secondary progressive disease, in adults.

Do not use COPAXONE® if you are allergic to glatiramer acetate or mannitol.

See Important Safety Information below and full Prescribing Information for Copaxone® (glatiramer acetate Injection).

COP-45209 June 2018

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