Little Wins with MS Can Make Big Impacts

  • by  Teva's Lift MS® Team
  •   July 20, 2020

Sometimes it might feel like the only wins worth celebrating are the big accomplishments, but that shouldn’t always be the case. Some wins may be small when living with MS, but the day-to-day progress is what can be the most important. Below we’ve shared a list of small victories that we think are worth celebrating.

  1. Positively communicated with your Care Partners.
  2. Completed at least ten minutes of exercise.
  3. Cooked a delicious meal for your family or friends.
  4. Finished your daily to-do list.
  5. Made a connection in the MS community.
  6. Spent time focusing on yourself.
  7. Remained adherent to your MS therapy.
  8. Kept your house clean.
  9. Conversed with your doctor about your MS.
  10. Utilized Teva’s support offerings.

Celebrate the small things that add positivity into your day by giving yourself a shout-out on social media, reflecting on your accomplishments, or giving yourself some extra personal time in the day! Tell us about your victories in the comments below or celebrate these wins with us and thousands of others on the Lift MS® Facebook page

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COP-46346 June 2020

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